Vegetable bouillon

Bouillons form the base of any soup, making it full of flavor. That’s why we compose them from ingredients which come from ecologic farming, with the maximum elimination of preservatives and, in some bouillons, excess salt.

Where possible, we use sea salt to ensure the even higher quality of products. Considering the health of our Consumers, we have reduced the quantity of salt in some of our bouillons, enriching them with a range of aromatic spices which help in the preparation of delicious healthy meals.

Fun fact about health: Salt is necessary for the body to function properly. Standard daily intake of sodium for adults is 1500 mg a day, which is as much as a flat teaspoon. The problem arises if we use it excessively. Many people do not realise that salt is present in nearly everything they eat: baked, pickled, marinated and preserved products, bread and cold meat. Considering the health of our consumers, we have reduced the quantity of salt in some of our bouillons.

Ingredients: Sea salt, vegetable oils* (shea*, extra virgin olive oil*), miso* (soy*, rice*, water, salt, koji), dehydrated vegetables* in variable proportions 9.2% (onion*, celery* carrot, leek*, parsley*), rice flour*, corn starch*, yeast extract, spices*.


Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Net weight: 66 g

Nutrition value of 100 ml of prepared broth (11 g per 550 ml water):

  • Energy 26 kJ / 6 Kcal
  • Fat 0,5 g, of which saturated 0,2 g
  • Carbohydrate 0,3 g, of which sugars 0,1 g
  • Protein 0,1 g
  • Salt 0,97 g

Application: Great addition to soups, sauces and goulash.



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